Covid Update 5-21-20



May 21, 2020


Dear Resident and Families,


We hope this letter finds you all in good health and safety. We would like to touch base and keep you updated on how we are dealing with this terrible pandemic and what measures we have in place.


Every resident has been tested and the residents who were positive are cohorted on a separate unit with dedicated staff that only work on that unit. Any new admission is tested in the hospital and we have the results before they come to our facility and we also keep them on a 14-day precautionary quarantine.


While there is currently no mandate by the DOH that requires nursing homes to test all their staff for coronavirus many of our staff members have voluntarily been tested.  There were 7 staff members who did test positive and followed CDC timelines for staying out and returning to work. There were also many staff members who were tested and received negative results as well. In addition, we screen all staff before the start of their shift, any staff member who has signs or symptoms are kept out of work until they are cleared to return.


We are working on possibly contracting with a lab that will allow us to test all employees in the near future.  We will keep everyone posted on that.


We are in constant contact with the local and state level DOH updating them and following their guidance in addition to the CDC guidance in order to keep your loved one and our staff safe. We will continue to follow all infection prevention guidelines and any new updates from the Department of Health.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank our dedicated and caring staff who are fighting this battle in the front lines ensuring all our residents are cared for in a safe and loving way. They are the true heroes of this battle.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions and feedback.


Thank you,

Moshe Moskowitz, NHA